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Call for Chinese Instrument Enthusiasts

The Chinese Culture and Arc Club is established more than one year ago and has provided close to 30 performances in Halifax area with audience of hundreds people. Now it is close to the end of summer, the club is entering the training season. In order to better reflect the Chinese folk music profound artistic charm, the club is ready to expand the Chinese instrumental band.

Now we seek for enthusiasts within the community who plays or desires to play Chinese instruments, regardless of nationality, gender and age. Based on the applicant intention and actual performance levels, we will arrange learning, training or direct participation in the band rehearsal.

The training is divided into two stages. The first stage contains three free lessons to build basic knowledge and interest. If the trainee is willing to continue with the lessons after the free lessons, in stage two, we will provide in-depth program in order to improve the level and eventually be able to join the club band. The second stage will associate with a low cost varies between 10 and 15 CAD per lesson based on the instrument and programs.

The current free spaces in club band are:

Erhu:6       Yangqin: 1       Pipa: 2    Ruan: 1


Jing Zhang  (English speaker),    Telephone: (902)402-2582 Email:

Ming Yao     (Chinese speaker),  Telephone: (902)982-3970 Email:








 乐队编制项目及名额:                        学习及培训名额若干,由于学习场地及师


                 二胡:6名 (包括板胡)



                 阮: 1名


              张静 电话 :(902)402- 2582 Email

              姚明 电话:(902)982-3970 Email:

                                华艺俱乐部。              2014.7.

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