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  • June Jorgensen

2023 Spring to Summer

NSCCAC has participated 11 performances in month of May, June and July.

In May, NSCCAC provided Chinese tea culture and demonstrated various Chinese instruments and dances in multiple Halifax libraries. NSCCAC also attended Asian Heritage Month opening in Pier 21, TasteAsia 2023 down at the water front, FEST at the brewery Framers Market. On Canada day, NSCCAC attended South Shore multi culture festival down at Bridge Water, Immigration celebration at Pier 21 and national drumming event. In July, NSCCAC also attended Nova Multifest.

2023 is a fruitful year for NSCCAC and is also the10th anniversary for NSCCAC. The members of NSCCAC will continue to strike for best status to celebrate this important moment the club.

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